Skeletal Hand
Skeletal Hand
Romaji Unknown
English Skeletal Hand
Classification Genjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type No damage. PSI
Use Attack
Style Lady Aoi Mask Genjutsu
Skill Modifiers Attack Stun (Genjutsu Stealth)
Hit Roll Dice Gen + Int
Skill Creator
Known Users
Seishino Kanami

Skill Description

"Skeletal Hand" is a Lady Aoi Mask Genjutsu that briefly causes the illusion of a skeletal hand to land upon the shoulder, arm, wrist, or similar area of a target, as though a skeleton or decayed corpse were standing behind the subject. The moment attention is diverted to the illusion, it ends. This distraction technique, if successful, simply provides an opportunity for the jutsu caster to then follow up with an appropriate method of hiding himself or herself.

NOTE: This does not serve as a stun in any other capacity than to allow for a STEALTH attack to land. It can NOT be used to stun someone for a damaging attack or anything else. An attack with the STEALTH damage type must immediately follow the use of this attack, meaning that this can not be the last attack of any given turn.

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