Snap Strike
Snap Strike
Snap Strike
Romaji Unknown
English Snap Strike
Classification Taijutsu
Type None
Rank B-Rank
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kaguya Odori Takeshi

Snap Strike

An advanced form of Willow Leaf Palm that instead focuses on damage rather than stunning the opponent with a sudden burst of force. Unlike Willow Leaf Palm, the only delay in this move is intentional. Drawing from two techniques, the sword palm and the five inch punch, the taijutsuist will charge an enemy and use a sword palm strike to embed their fingers into the person's body. After which, they execute what few have been able to master, a five inch punch. The force from the sword palm softens the area and the sudden addition of such a strong punch, strong enough to break a bone, causes great pain.

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