Sonic Spear
Sonic Spear
English Sonic Spear
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type SOUND
Use Attack
Style Sound Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Tricky, Round Stun
Skill Creator
Utatori Hanako
Known Users
Utatori Hanako

Skill Description

A more advanced version of the Vocal Spear, this technique amplifies the volume of the attack significantly, bringing it as high as 140 decibels. While this isn't loud enough to instantly deafen a target, it is certainly loud enough to potentially stun them and leave them with ringing ears. In some cases where the technique scores a direct headshot it can temporarily deafen the target. Because sound is nearly invisible, creating a distortion in the air, and very fast, this technique is difficult to defend against. This attack is not designed to damage but only stun the target with the sound.

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