Sound Genjutsu
Sound Genjutsu
Romaji Sound Genjutsu
English Sound Genjutsu
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank X
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style None
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Yamayuki Clan
Known Users
Yamayuki Nozomi

Skill Description

This style of genjutsu is practiced by those few members of the Yamayuki clan that show interest in this kind of technique. Based off of similar principles to sound manipulation, this style forms genjutsu through the use of sound produced by the user. Any kind of sound can be used to make the genjutsu, but generally the more complex the genjutsu, the greater amount of sound that must be used to produce it. Note that this sound does not have to be excessively loud, and it can come from any source, including clapping, singing, musical instruments, or even banging two objects together. The sound is then formed into the seals necessary for the genjutsu, which allows it to take effect.

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