Spider Limb Growth
Spider Limb Growth
Romaji Unknown
English Spider Limb Growth
Classification Hidenjutsu, Transformation
Rank B
Use Transform
Stat Bonuses +2 Tai, +2 Spd, +2 Sta
Known Users

This level of the transformation is when the Okumo starts to truly show their power over their own body. Like the previous incarnation of this transformation, the Okumo is able to pump chakra down their limbs in order to fight at higher levels and with greater speed but at this level they are also able to manifest two extra set of limbs. Upon invoking this transformation, the Okumo grows two more arms under their current arms that allow them a greater degree of options and mobility when it comes to taijutsu attacks as well as allowing for quicker movement. Further, the Okumo's skin takes on a generally greyish color as their skin becomes tougher and gains a thickness to it as they begin the process of becoming more like the spider they emulate.

Requires - Spider Limb Control

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