Spiderling's Touch
Spiderling's Touch
Romaji Unknown
English spiderling's Touch
Classification Taijutsu
Type Physical
Rank E-rank
Class Offensive
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Okumo Clan

Author: Okumo Clan
Does Damage: Yes
Stamina Cost: 100
Chakra Cost: 0
Chakra Focus: 100
Damage Type: SHARP

Description: This is a very basic attack of the Okumo clan that is taught to every fledgling, as even the largest and strongest spiders employ speed and timing in important positions any of their strategies. Essentially, the ninja flexes the appropriate muscles to push the tarsal claws from the nails of the hands and/or feet. Afterwards, the ninja applies their speed in an attack that is at its core, rhythmic. What makes this different than many other attacks, however, is the the rhythm changes often, flowing from one pace to another. This attack is often used to find one's own center focus to prepare one for the fight ahead.

English Name: Spiderling's Touch
Hit Roll: Tai Spd
Damage Roll: Pow Sta

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