Spiraling Seal of Health
Romaji Unknown
English Spiraling Seal of Health
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Chakra
Rank A
Use Heal
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Spiraling Seal of Health

Mushi gathers rotating chakra around each of her fingers and stamps a seal of chakra and onto her target. The chakra sends a powerful charge of vitality through their body, energizing their chakra circulatory system to many times its effectiveness in healing. In essence, the person's body works furiously to heal itself, aligning the body, restoring tissue and blood, and sealing up wounds. The initial seal takes only a moment to place, making this an ideal technique in battle so that the healer may be instantly freed up to work elsewhere.The black spiral pattern of the seal unravels as the healing takes place, eventually breaking down and entering the body.

English Name: Spiraling Seal of Health
Hit Roll Dice: Nin+Int
Damage Roll Dice: Sta+Seal
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin
Skill Prerequisites: 2 B-rank Medical Ninjutsu, 1 B-rank Ninjutsu

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