Steel-Cutting Sword
Steel-Cutting Sword
Romaji Zantetsuken
English Steel-Cutting Sword
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank A
Damage Type Sharp
Use Attack
Style Kenjutsu
Skill Modifiers Unblockable, Powerful
Skill Creator
Known Users
Inuzuka Atsuro

Skill Description

Named for its ability to cut through even solid steel, Steel-Cutting Sword allows the user to cut through a variety of objects they otherwise could not. Used against a living target, it allows the swordsman to cut through bone and other tough tissue with ease, making for exceptionally clean and deadly cuts.

While the strength of the blow and the quality of the blade play an important role, most of the added cutting ability comes from sheer skill. By understanding the subtle details of how blades cut different materials, how the wielder's slightest movements affect the cut, and other accumulated knowledge of swords, a swordsman can make seemingly minute adjustments to their strikes that greatly affect the resulting cut. However, these adjustments require concentration and take the user's focus away from the swing itself, making the strike more difficult to aim.

Because of its deep roots in tradition and the skill required to use it, the ability to use this skill is often considered a milestone in a swordsman's education or a status symbol.

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