Stored Chakra
Stored Chakra
Romaji Unknown
English Stored Chakra
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Seal
Rank D-Rank
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Rurohashi Ruri

Stored Chakra

This Flesh Scroll tattoo stores pure Chakra inside of it, which has built up over a period of time. The Chakra in this tattoo can be released all at once to enhance the user in three areas simultaneously. The first benefit is that the amount of Chakra presently available to the ninja increases. The second benefit is that the Chakra surge makes the user's body tougher temporarily and dulls any pain that is felt while the tattoo is active. The final benefit is that both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu attacks are more damaging thanks to the extra Chakra being able to be focused for offensive purposes.

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