Suiton Nature Refreshment
Suiton Nature Refreshment
Romaji Suiton Rinsei Tenjin
English Water Release Nature Refreshment
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D-Rank
Use Heal
Skill Modifiers Chakra Heal
Known Users
Hanma Hoiishime

Suiton Nature Refreshment

A water jutsu invented by Hoiishime, this technique takes the refreshing nature of water, and heightens it ten fold, allowing the user to renew the strength of a fatigued comrade through the infusion of chakra with the substance. The jutsu can heal an individual either from close contact, hand seals being used to cover the hand in water, before the hand is applied to the individual at close range, or the water can be blasted at them from long distance, to soak them to the skin.

English Name: Suiton Nature Refreshment
Hit Roll Dice: Nin+Int
Damage Roll Dice: Seal+Int
Style Recommendation: Medical Nin and Water Manipulation

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