Swift Shintai Battoujutsu
Swift Shintai Battoujutsu
Romaji Jinton
English Quick Style
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Rank X
Damage Type None
Use Style
Skill Modifiers Speed, Taijutsu
Known Users
Reizei Clan

Skill Description

The Reizei clan are renowned for their swordsmanship, especially amongst the nobility of the clan. It is not merely their skill in the area but their ability to seamlessly meld it in to all forms of their weapon practices. The addition of Swift Release chakra allows an individual to move at near instantaneous speeds. This speed applies to physical movements and can be paired with melee weapons in order to create rapid, devastating jutsu. Despite the fact that Swift Shintai Battojutsu is based on usage of a sword, it can be paired with other melee-based weapons.

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