Romaji N/A
English Synesthesia
Classification Genjutsu
Type Evasion
Rank S
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kokoroe Sousa


The user simulates in the attacker's brain the neurological condition of synesthesia. This causes stimulation in one sense to produce involuntary perceptions in other senses. For example, hearing a certain sound might cause the attacker to see a bright flash or a change in the world's coloration, or seeing a certain color might cause them to feel a pressure against their limbs. These disorienting and inhibiting sensations tend to slow and befuddle the attacker's actions, making it easier for the user to evade them. This defense is very difficult to master, requiring an intimate knowledge of the human brain and how to redirect its signals using chakra, but it also requires very little chakra to perform.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: Lab Rat Illusions
Skill Prerequisites: 3 A-Rank Genjutsu

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