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Taijutsu (literally meaning "Body Techniques") is a basic form of jutsu that, generally speaking, requires no chakra. Chakra may be used to enhance techniques. Taijutsu generally require no hand seals to perform and are much quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is, simply put, hand-to-hand combat or weaponry.

Taijutsu Attacks

This is a list of Attack-type skills that are Taijutsu. It does NOT include Stealth-type Taijutsu Attacks.

Taijutsu Defenses

This is a list of Defense-type skills that are Taijutsu. It does NOT include Perception-type Taijutsu Defenses.

Taijutsu Stealths

This is a list of Stealth Attack-type skills that are Taijutsu. It does NOT include Attacks with a damage type other than STEALTH. Stealth attacks are meant to either make the attacker hidden from the perceptions of others, or to otherwise conceal some aspect of the attacker (such as his or her identity) or an object (such as hidden weaponry in the individual's clothes). Not all Stealth attacks have combat benefits. Stealth Attacks should clearly describe what they are meant for (combat, non-combat, etc.) and how they accomplish it, as well as any likely means of countering them if they are more difficult to detect than the simple act of hiding.

Taijutsu Perceptions

This is a list of Stealth Defense-type skills, also known as "Perceptions", that are Taijutsu. It does NOT include Defenses WITHOUT the STEALTH damage type. Perceptions are meant to counter or guard against Stealth Attacks. Taijutsu Perceptions make use of the defender's basic five senses in some fashion, "mundane" tools that do NOT use Chakra (such as trip-wires), OR for those uncommon ninja who wield Chakra Taijutsu there may be normal senses augmented with Chakra (or Ki, in the case of Kemonoken). However, Taijutsu Perceptions generally do NOT use Chakra, and NEVER use hand seals or Ninjutsu-related tools (such as explosive tags). If one intends to use Chakra Taijutsu for Perceptions, then one must have an appropriate Chakra Taijutsu Style first.

For the purposes of applying for Taijutsu Perceptions that use the Chakra resource for enhancing the senses, all Beast-Fist Styles of the Kemonoken Clan count as a Chakra Taijutsu Style.

Taijutsu Skills

This is a list of Taijutsu Skills that are not attacks, defenses, stealths, perceptions, styles, transformations, or similar. "Passive" skills, skills that can be activated with "+useskill Skillname", and "maintenance skills" that are used to put an additional energy expenditure on a skill that is ICly being maintained over an extended period of time, all fall under this category.

Taijutsu Styles

This is for Taijutsu Styles, Taijutsu Skill Unlocks, and special Taijutsu Style-related Skills. Taijutsu Styles includes Styles that use "basic Taijutsu" without any Chakra, "Weapon Taijutsu" that uses weapons and tools (such as swords, staves, kunai, throwing knives, etc.) without Chakra, "Chakra Taijutsu" that use Chakra in tandem with basic Taijutsu (the Hyuuga Clan's "Gentle Fist"/"Juuken", the Beast-Fist Styles of the Kemonoken Clan, etc.), and "Elemental Taijutsu" that use Chakra Taijutsu or Weapon Taijutsu augmented with an Elemental Chakra Nature (such as a flaming sword Style or an acrobatic wind-boosted hand-to-hand Style). Unless specified otherwise in the description of a given Taijutsu Style, "lower-level" Taijutsu of other types can also be applied for within one's "higher-level" Taijutsu Style if one has such. For instance, if one has an Elemental Taijutsu Style then one can apply for basic Taijutsu and Chakra Taijutsu as WELL as Elemental Taijutsu. If one has a Chakra Taijutsu Style that is centered around weaponry, then one can apply for both Weapon Taijutsu AND Chakra Weapon Taijutsu. However, one with Chakra Weapon Taijutsu could not apply for Elemental Weapon Taijutsu, because it is of a higher-level. Likewise, someone with an Elemental Taijutsu Style could not apply for Elemental Weapon Taijutsu, Chakra Weapon Taijutsu, or even basic Weapon Taijutsu using only his or her Elemental Taijutsu Style, because weapons are not included in his or her Style.

Having more than one Taijutsu Style to allow for multiple types of Taijutsu will "unlock" access to skills of the appropriate types as soon as one has the correct Style or Styles.

Taijutsu Transformations

This is for Transformations specific to Taijutsu users or one or more Taijutsu Styles. This includes Taijutsu-based transformations of the Beast-Fist Styles of the Kemonoken Clan.

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