Take That
Romaji N/A
English TAKE THAT!
Classification Genjutsu
Type Psi
Rank C
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Saito Jon


When successful, this Genjutsu Attack gives the target a moment of soul-shuddering anguish by briefly activating parts of the brain that have negative memories stored in them. This simultaneously freezes the target in place as he or she re-experiences one of the most unpleasant moments in his or her life, and inflicts 'psyche damage' that may tire the target. This Genjutsu does not last very long and must be immediately followed by another attack, whether from the Genjutsuist or an ally.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: Just Realities
Skill Prerequisites: 2 D-Rank Just Realities techniques and Genjutsu Link

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