Tattoo Tremor Hairs
Tattoo Tremor Hairs
Romaji Unknown
English Tattoo Tremor Hairs
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Tattoo
Rank D
Class Defensive/Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kuroki Clan

Tattoo Tremor Hairs

Fine lines all over the user's body rise, all glowing a little, which creates a dim aura-like effect around them. They are capable of sensing very fine vibrations in the air, telling the user if someone is nearby and where they are. It is also possible to have the tattoo 'hairs' dig themselves just a little into the earth to sense tremors from further away, or into a wall or door, which would allow the user to hear what's being said on the other door. They are usually so fine they can pass through clothing without damaging it and don't leave any visible marks on the surface, but closer inspection allows one to detect such use if he know what he's looking for.

This detection ability uses Nin + Int. Learning this ability requires Kuroki Tattoo Manipulation.

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