Tattoo Identity Mask
Tattoo Identity Mask
Romaji Unknown
English Tattoo Identity Mask
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank B-rank
Stamina Cost 300
Chakra Cost 700
Dmg Type N/A
Use Skill
Known Users
Kuroki Kuoroke

Tattoo Identity Mask

Author: Kuroki Clan

Description: For this skill, the user must sever the skin from the face of another individual, usually dead. This is a quite time-consuming and sensitive process that will typically kill the subject, anyway. Then, Kuroki tattoos on the user's own face are used to attach the subject's face to their own, and provide a substitute for the subject's own bone structure and sinews, allowing the user to replicate their appearance, including realistic facial expressions. Having this skill implies having the knowledge of how to treat a stolen face so it will last indefinitely.

Skill Requirements: 2 C-Rank Tattoo Manipulation Jutsu and 1 C-Rank Ninjutsu

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