Telepathy I
Telepathy I
English Telepathy I
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Rank C
Use Skill
Style Body Control Style Ninjutsu
Skill Creator
Yamanaka Clan
Known Users
Yamanaka Clan

Skill Description

This skill represents the ability to communicate with any single person within line of sight. If the target is unwilling, at this rank, it will not work. The telepathy can send and receive thoughts to a willing target. The target must be in line of sight for the establishment of the connection, once established as long as the target stays within 1 mile the link can be maintained. At this rank the link can only be established with one target at a time, establishing a new link with a new target drops any previous existing link. Establishing the link counts as a simple D-Rank action if done in combat, despite the skill's Rank of C. To represent the costs of this skill the user should +useskill telepathy I when it is started and +stopskill telepathy I when the link is broken. Initial activation costs the same as a C rank Ninjutsu but subsequent rounds cost far less once the link is established. Higher ranks of this skill will allow more targets, receiving thoughts from willing targets and extending range to beyond line of sight. Out of line of sight ranges will be included in each rank to explain the limitations of them. This rank is purely limited by line of sight itself, although the user does not have to be actively looking at his target to maintain the link.

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