Tender Fantasy
Tender Fantasy
Romaji N/A
English Tender Fantasy
Classification Genjutsu
Rank D
Damage Type Psi
Use Attack
Style Temptress Guidance
Skill Modifiers Attack Stun
Skill Creator
Kiyotani Eri
Known Users
Kiyotani Eri

Skill Description

Using this jutsu the user is able to project the illusion of something wonderful happening to the target at that moment. What ever they see is up to the user and can be anything from forcing them to see the face of a long lost loved one to one of their many fantasies coming true. With this the user is able to distract the target with these happy and excited emotions long enough for an attack to be made against them. Using this jutsu will sometimes require some research on the user's part, so they made find out what illusion will have the best effects on their target. Otherwise it is simply a matter of guessing what would evoke a happy and carefree feeling.

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