Test Battery
Test Battery
Romaji N/A
English Test Battery
Classification Genjutsu
Type PSI
Rank S
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kokoroe Sousa

Test Battery

This genjutsu is in some sense the culmination of the Lab Rat Illusions style. The target or targets are exposed to a rapid-fire experience of several lesser illusions of the style, as though being put through a battery of tests. The illusions are not as powerful overall as they would be through individual application, and they do not last long enough to lock the target into a stun, but the relentless stream of stressful ordeals can be quite overwhelming to the psyche of the 'test subject'.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: Lab Rat Illusions
Skill Prerequisites: 3 A-Rank Genjutsu

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