Three Ripples Technique
Three Ripples Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Three Ripples Technique
Classification Taijutsu
Element WATER
Rank D
Damage Types SHARP WATER
Use Attack
Skill Modifiers Elemental Kenjutsu
Known Users
Hozuki Ichihoshi

Three Ripples Technique

Once a student of the Water Ripple Kenjutsu has learned to infuse Chakra into their blade, they are taught to infuse the blade with the element of water. As the blade of metal is swung, the water that has been bound to the blade parts into two additional 'whips' and lash across the skin, flaying flesh as the blade cuts it. The advanced form of this technique, used in conjuction with the 'Water Blade Creation' technique, seperates the blade into three parallel edges.

Hit Roll Dice: SPD + TAI
Damage Roll Dice: POW + SEAL
Style: Water Ripple Kenjutsu
Skill Modifiers: Elemental Kenjutsu

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