Titan Pill II
Titan Pill I
Romaji Unknown
English Titan Pill II
Classification N/A
Element N/A
Rank B
Damage Type N/A
Use Transformation
Style N/A
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Known Users
Nagamura Shuuren

Skill Description

Produced by Nagamura Pharmaceuticals, this pill is the second of an experimental type of soldier pill created to strongly supplement Taijutsu. It induces large amounts of adrenaline and testorone into the bloodstream, along with other chemicals to significantly increase the strength and Taijutsu capabilities of its user, refined with other ingredients now so that the user experiences not only an increase in strength and ability but also in physical speed and agility. Typically, the user experiences a temporary increase in muscle size, this time quite a bit larger than the last time-enough to turn a skinny man into an Adonis-, as well as an increased rate at which oxygen returns to the muscles. Its effects muscle-wise are somewhat like an instant steroid, though lacking some of the nastier side-effects those have on the body so long as these are not used on a daily basis. Overuse, however, can lead to them.

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