Romaji Tomogan
English All-Eye
Classification Ninjutsu


Rank C-Rank+
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Rurohashi Ruri


The Tomogan (All-Eye) was acquired by Rurohashi Ruri when an enemy Jounin named Sheex merged with his own Summoned Beast (Summoning: Mountain of Flesh), and upon his defeat, attempted to save himself by invading Ruri's body through her right eye socket (the right eye was previously lost during a different possession attempt). The regenerative powers of the Sheex-Beast allowed him to proliferate in an Alternate Spatial Environment that he generated inside of Ruri's eye socket. In this way, he was able to grow new tissue that belonged to him, rather than his host, and attempt to slowly take her over. However, Ruri managed to seal Sheex and the monster he had become in such a way that it destroyed his identity, self-awareness, and very existence. She has since absorbed his personality, memories, and powers. It is the last item named that provides her with the capability of growing from one to three new eyes in her right socket, or to even grow additional tissue and extend it out of the socket.

The fact she can grow and store multiple eyes and pieces of flesh, due to the infinitely regenerating Summoned Beast flesh, means that she can inscribe Flesh Scroll tattoos on the surface of these eyes, allowing her to cast Flesh Scroll Jutsu simply by looking at a target, rather than needing to touch the tattoo. Further, the Flesh Scroll tattoos on Tomogan are permanent. They do not need to be replaced after they are used, the way that a normal Flesh Scroll tattoo would.

The downside, however, is that it costs Chakra to grow and control any amount of tissue — eyes or otherwise — and thus it cannot be maintained indefinitely. Further, if Ruri is not used to using a certain number of eyes at once, she can suffer rather extreme pain from the damage to her eye socket caused by having multiple eyes in a limited amount of space.

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