Tomogan Perception I
Tomogan Perception I
Romaji Unknown
English All-Eye Perception I
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type STEALTH
Use Defense
Style All-Eye Ninjutsu
Skill Modifiers None
Hit Roll Dice Nin + Int
Skill Creator
Rurohashi Ruri
Known Users
Rurohashi Ruri

Skill Description

"Tomogan Perception I" is a Ninjutsu Perception only possible for those who have the All-Eye. Essentially, the ability to perceive the environment and what is in it is increased with the Tomogan, due to the eye being Ninjutsu-derived tissue that does not obey normal biological laws. It never blinks, can see perfectly in darkness or in bright light, and has a high degree of telescopic sight and is very good at tracking moving objects. At this level, only a single All-Eye is being used to look around for hidden opponents or to foil attempts at concealment, and thus the perception benefits are somewhat limited.

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