Trauma Induction Palm
Trauma Induction Palm
English Trauma Induction Palm
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C
Damage Type Blunt, Chakra
Use Attack
Style Medic Nin
Skill Modifiers Attack Stun, Counter
Skill Creator
Akiyama Kenta
Known Users
Akiyama Kenta

Skill Description

One of the first skills that a medic nin learns is how to channel medical chakra into a patient's body to speed up natural healing processes. The amount and properties of this chakra must be carefully controlled to avoid causing unattended injury. With this technique, the user takes the opposite approach by actively trying to cause damage with an overload.

First, a special form of medical chakra is gathered in the hands. Then, the medic nin must touch the target and channel it all in a single strong burst. The sudden influx momentarily scrambles the chakra circulatory system and sends signals to pain receptors all over, often enough to incapacitate the target for a short time. In addition, it causes enough physical trauma to induce some internal hemorrhaging, which usually manifests as massive bruising under the skin and nosebleeds.

A skilled user of this technique doesn't require touch to activate it. He can expel a pulse of chakra from his palm to the same effect, but it can only reach a very short distance without the benefits of chakra shaping. The target must be no more than three feet away from the user's outstretched hand. This is still sometimes enough to stop an attacker in his tracks and buy the medic nin time to make an escape.

Note: This can only counter melee range abilities.

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