Twin Rising Dragons
Twin Rising Dragons
Romaji Sōshōryū
English Twin Rising Dragons
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type Sharp Blunt
Use Attack
Style Scroll Mastery
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect, Terrain Altering
Skill Creator
Uchiha Berii
Known Users
Uchiha Berii


A technique that takes advantage of superior weapon and summmoning skills. Two small scroll are placed on the floor and activated. When activated, the two scrolls release smoke while also flying and spiraling up into the air in the shape of two dragons made of smoke. The user then jumps into the air between the two scrolls and begins to rapidly summon and throw all sorts of weapons as a powerful earth shattering barrage. While the typical projectile weapons like shuriken and kunai are perferred, anything can be used.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Sta + Seal

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