Unnatural Life Style
Unnatural Life Style
Romaji Unknown
English Unnatural Life Style
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element N/A
Rank S
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users
Kishi Mune

Unnatural Life Style

Unnatural Life Style is a combination of Tensei Ninjutsu, Juinjutsu, and Medical Ninjutsu. The techniques used within this Style are almost ALL labelled as 'Kinjutsu' — Forbidden Techniques. The purpose of this specialized mix of three jutsu types is to manipulate and control life, violating all boundaries of nature, as well as to potentially twist, prevent, or REVERSE the transition from the world of the living to the realm of the dead.

The skills involved in this style typically involve these: taking command of living beings via Cursed Seals of some kind; creating artificial life in clear violation of the natural order; temporarily or even indefinitely restoring life — or at least functionality — to those already deceased. True resurrections are impossible with these jutsu. Any replica of one already dead would be simply that: an imitation or 'fake'.

The ability to drain, absorb, and control both Chakra and Life Force are major components of the Unnatural Life techniques.

Style: Medic-Nin.
Skill Requirements: 3 B-Rank Medic-Nin jutsu, at least 1 A-Rank Medic-Nin jutsu, and at least two Supplemental Styles for Medic-Nin.

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