Uzumaki Fuinjutsu
Uzumaki Fuinjutsu
Romaji Uzumaki Fuinjutsu
English Uzumaki Seal Techniques
Classification Other
Type N/A
Rank C-Rank
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Uzumaki Clan

Uzumaki Fuinjutsu

This style represents the heightened abilities of the Uzumaki Clan when it comes to Seal Mastery. They are able to do the same things regular Seal users are, but with more power and to greater extent, as well as pull off things with seals that others are NOT able to.

Note: Uzumaki are able to pick up regular Seal Mastery jutsu under this style. D-Ranks used for prereqs to unlock the Combination element at C-Rank should be from the regular Seal Mastery style.

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