Venomous Strike
Venomous Strike
Venomous Strike
Romaji Unknown
English Venomous Strike
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type Sharp Poison
Use Attack
Style Pincers Style
Skill Modifiers Poison, Attack Stun
Known Users
Shippodoku Clan

Venomous Strike

The Shippodoku Clan, known for their affiliation with scorpions, have developed an attack that when used in conjunction with the venom glands of scorpions and their own Pincer styled weapons can be quite formidable.
Whether through the users ability to secrete their own venom or collecting it from scorpions, the user simply need only coat their weapon with the toxin before striking. The attack needs to be swift as the venom will dry out and be rendered useless if too much time had passed before applying it.
The venom itself has two effects. The first being that it has been found to be paralytic in nature, momentarily incapacitating those struck once it enters the blood stream. The second is the immense pain caused over time while in the user. Not as effective as a normal scorpion sting, but it gets the job done.

This attack rolls Spd + Tai to hit, Pow + Sta for damage, and requires two C Rank Pincer Style Taijutsu and one other C rank Taijutsu.

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