Vital Search Technique
Vital Search Technique
Romaji Kanjin Asari no Jutsu
English Vital Search Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type N/A
Rank C
Class Defense, Supplemental
Hand Seals Palms together
Known Users
Medic Nin

Vital Search Technique

This Medic-Nin technique is a more advanced form of Diagnostic Jutsu that allows the Medic to send out a wave of Chakra in a manner similar to echo-location. This "Medical Chakra" is specifically keyed to organic lifeforms, and further will "bounce off" of beings it contacts, returning an impression of life signs and bio-signatures to the Medic in question. The intended purpose of this technique is to identify who is still among the living on the battlefield, among all the dead, or to find survivors of an accident or attack when buried under rubble, and so forth. However, in combat applications it can be used to identify the location of concealed enemies.

Hit Roll Dice: Int + Seal
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin.
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Medic-Nin jutsu, one of which must be Diagnostic Jutsu, and 1 D-Rank Ninjutsu.

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