Vital Vivification Seal I
Vital Vivification Seal I
English Vital Vivification Seal I
Classification Transformation
Rank D
Style Seal Mastery, Medic Nin
Skill Creator
Akiyama Kenta
Known Users
Akiyama Kenta

Skill Description

The Vital Vivification Seal is developed from knowledge of medical ninjutsu, seals, and chakra control. The seal is always applied to the left pectoral directly above the heart and consists of the Kanji for "Life" surrounded by a circular chain of smaller characters. While the seal is inactive it constantly stores any excess chakra that the user produces. It also converts a percentage of the waste energy from biological processes such as body heat into small amounts of usable energy that's absorbed into the seal's reserves. At the first stage of the seal's release chakra flows steadily out of the seal back into the user's chakra circulatory system. Aside from general revitalization affects this also clears out blockages and stabilizes fluctuations in the chakra circulatory system to temporary boost the user's chakra control.

Special Requirement: Seal Mastery

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