War Fan Block
War Fan Block
Romaji Unknown
English War Fan Block
Classification Weapon Taijutsu
Type N/A
Rank D
Class Defensive
Hand Seals None.
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu

War Fan Block

By using a sturdy War Fan in conjunction with skill and speed, an individual is able to put the War Fan into the path of an attack and then 'turn it aside', essentially just 'pushing' a blow in a different direction. Though this is most useful against Taijutsu and other types of melee attacks, the maneuver is also able to be used to stop some Water Release attacks that rely on blunt impacts, as well as un-focused Wind Release, and some other gaseous attacks. Insects and arachnids can be 'swatted' aside or pushed back with the air movement generated by swinging the War Fan. Even if the FORCE of an attack manages to get by the War Fan, the fact that it serves as a barrier can reduce the overall damage suffered by its bearer.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Style Recommendation: War Fan Style or another Weapon Taijutsu Style that uses a fan.
Modifiers: Damage Resistance.

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