War Fan Style
War Fan Style
Romaji Unknown
English War Fan Style
Classification Weapon Taijutsu
Type Taijutsu
Rank X
Class Style
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu
Known Techniques
War Fan Block
War Fan Strike

War Fan Style

War Fan Style is a Weapon Taijutsu style that is based around using a custom-made War Fan to strike one or more enemies with either crushing blunt attacks using the flat side of the fan, or sharp-edged slashing attacks with the blade along the rim of the fan. It is primarily oriented towards hit-and-run tactics, the supplementing of Wind or Fire Ninjutsu at range, or simply as a form of physical defense for those opponents who get close enough to strike. Great strength is generally not necessary for the techniques in this Style, whereas manual dexterity to manipulate the fan swiftly and accurately is quite useful.

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