Wardrobe Summon
Wardrobe Summon
Wardrobe Summon
Romaji Unknown
English Wardrobe Summon
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Scroll Mastery, Hand of Lore
Rank D
Class Skill
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Uchiha Berii

Wardrobe Summon

An object summoning derived from Scroll Jutsu, 'Summoning: Wardrobe' allows the user to call forth one or more complete outfits from storage (up to a maximum of five outfits), including any accessories that could reasonably be considered 'part of' a given outfit. Thus, a tool pouch with ninja tools in it would be one item, while a kimono with a windmill shuriken would be TWO items, because they are not related to each other.

In this way, one can have various outfits or adornments ready at any given time. Cold weather gear, camouflage ninja outfit, formal-wear, a wetsuit, and warm climate clothing would all constitute examples of outfits one might use. However, if Scrolls are being used then each outfit (and its relevant accessories) requires a seperate scroll and thus a seperate release each time a replacement outfit is required. If the Hand of Lore is being used, then as many as FIVE 'outfits' can be stored with this technique before all additional outfits must use scrolls, the same as others.

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