Warm Embrace
Warm Embrace
Romaji N/A
English Warm Embrace
Classification Genjutsu
Rank D
Damage Type Psi
Use Attack
Style Temptress Guidance
Skill Modifiers Stamina Drain
Skill Creator
Kiyotani Eri
Known Users
Kiyotani Eri

Skill Description

This jutsu causes the target to see the illusion of someone, who they see is up to the user, running towards them and wrapping them in a tight hug. As they are hugged, however, the target would begin to imagine a terribly uncomfortable heat emanating from the person hugging them, seemingly burning the target as they are held in place for a short time. Once they have managed to break free from the genjutsu it would become obvious that it was simply a trick played on them by the user.

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