Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Romaji Suiton: Bakusui Shōha
English Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Classification Ninjutsu, Elemental Ninjutsu
Element WATER
Rank B
Damage Type WATER
Use Attack
Style Water Manipulation
Skill Modifiers AoE, Round Stun, Terrain Altering
Skill Creator
Known Users
Uchiha Tsugumi

Skill Description

"Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave" - This is an Elemental Ninjutsu attack of the Water Manipulation style. The user spits out a great volume of water from their mouth, swallowing up and attempting to crush the enemy with the advancing surge. The user can ride the wave, allowing them to move at high speed, and attack the enemy, now swept off their feet, without fear of counter-attacks. The amount of water created is proportional to the amount of chakra used. Those with higher levels of Chakra can create greater volumes of water. Afterwards, the excess water can be used for additional Water Release techniques.

NOTE: This jutsu requires the B-Rank Skill "Water Creation" to learn.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Int
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta
Style: Water Manipulation
Skill Requirements: 2 C-Rank Water Ninjutsu, 1 other C-Rank Ninjutsu, and Water Creation
Skill Modifiers: Area of Effect, Round Stun, Terrain Altering

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