Water Release: Revealing Mist
Revealing Mist
Romaji Unknown
English Water Release: Revealing Mist
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Water
Rank D
Dmg Type Stealth
Use Defense
Known Users
General. Prominantly used by Kirigakure Shinobi

Water Release: Revealing Mist

Using the same basics learned within using the Hidden Mist Technique, the mist being used to detect movement nearby, instead of just hiding it. Because the mist is made using the users natural chakra, the mist being created from it anyway, it also provides the user a way to extend his senses, The chakra making up the mist allows the detection of motion only. Extremely subtle movement can be used to elude this technique.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin Seal
Style Recommendation: Water Manipulation
Skill Prerequisites: Hidden Mist Technique

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