Water Release: Water Needle Technique
Water Needle Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Water Needle Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Element WATER
Rank D
Damage Types WATER
Use Attack
Skill Modifiers AoE
Known Users
Shirayuki Koseitama

Water Needle Technique

Water Needle Technique is a Ninjutsu Attack that shapes existing water (NOT "air moisture" or anything other than bodies of water) into long, senbon-like needles and propels them at the jutsu caster's target or targets. They have a broad range for attacking foes, but as they are simply made of water the needles do not necessarily have great lethality.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Seal
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta
Style: Water Manipulation.
Skill Modifiers: AoE.

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