Wave Manipulation
Wave Manipulation
Romaji Namiton
English Wave Release
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element COMBINATION (Water)
Rank A
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users
Senju Tobiramako, Rurohashi Rinako

Wave Manipulation

Wave Release — or 'Namiton' — is an Advanced Elemental Manipulation based off of the Water Chakra Nature. Though it is an Advanced Manipulation, it does not alter the actual properties of the Water Chakra employed in it. Instead, it expands the scope of what is possible and amplifies the user's control over Water Chakra to an extent that would be deemed impossible by most people.

A ninja with Wave Release can use powerful Water Release Ninjutsu in areas where there are no bodies of water, turning simple air moisture into great waves and blasts of water. Further, water itself can be controlled without the use of a particular jutsu, essentially being able to shape it into any given form desired. Projectiles and tentacles of water can be created to attack from afar or in melee range with crushing force. A final benefit to possessing Wave Release is that even the most complex of Water Ninjutsu can be performed with only a single hand seal.

NOTE: Skills which are specifically apped as Wave Manipulation jutsu possess the COMBINATION Element. Other Water Ninjutsu may be applied for which are variants of existing Ninjutsu with altered capabilities, without actually being Wave Ninjutsu.

Style: Water Manipulation.
Skill Requirements: 1 A-Rank Water Ninjutsu. Wave Ninjutsu start at C-Rank, though D-Rank Wave Ninjutsu can also be apped. D-Rank Wave Ninjutsu do NOT have the COMBINATION Element.

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