Western Heavens Seal
Western Heavens Seal
English Western Heavens Seal
Classification Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type Chakra Seal
Use Attack
Style Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers AOE Round Stun
Known Users
Uzumaki Amiko

Skill Description

Description: This is one of a series of seals based on mythological gods. This seal represents the Western Heavens, the lesser yang. The seal is attached to a kunai, shuriken or other ranged weapon prior to combat. Due to the nature of this attack the weapon is usually thrown at or near the target. It activates when it strikes an object or when remotely activated with a handseal, at which point a quickly releases a field of shimmering blue chakra. The chakra interferes with the chakra network of anyone caught in its field of effect, causing temporary, complete immobilization and pain. Note that it can be used at point blank range but doing so the user must include themselves in the AoE listing in the attack attempt. The AoE is limited to targets near each other, please use this attack appropriately.

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