What You Will
What You Will
Romaji Unknown
English What You Will
Classification Taijutsu
Element No Element
Rank C
Damage Type All except Stealth and PSI
Use Defense
Style Bijuu Style
Skill Modifiers Versatile Defense, Damage Reduction
Skill Creator
Moto, Kiyoshi
Known Users
Moto, Kiyoshi

Skill Description

The pairing of the five tails and its newest host has yielded a fairly unique result due to one factor. The host is a Kirryu. While having the bijuu sealed within the user's body has blocked him from transforming into animals like the rest of his kin, his form is still one susceptible to change from inherent chakra. After some familiarity was gained between tailed beast and host, it was found that they could utilize the Bijuu's chakra to transform the boy's body to take on the qualities of the five tails, allowing a limited body morphing. One viewing this technique in use would see things such as an arm enlarging, its skin turning into the bone that forms the five tail's horns, and other things of that nature. Though it is fairly limited compared to what could be possible through this effect, not allowing for full body transformation or enlargement anywhere near to the size of the tailed beast itself, it is still a potent defense in the facts that how it is used precisely can be varied and the five tails is a 'very' durable creature.

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