Whistling Chakra Bullet
Whistling Chakra Bullet
Romaji Unknown
English Whistling Chakra Bullet
Classification Ninjutsu
Element n/a
Rank D
Dmg Type Chakra Blunt
Use Attack
Known Users

Whistling Chakra Bullet

An attack that requires skill at molding chakra into physical form, the Whistling Chakra Bullet Jutsu gets its name from both the way it is performed and the high pitched sound that it makes upon release. Chakra is condensed inside the mouth and rolled into a round hard pellet that's slightly smaller than a marble. The user purses his lips as if about to blow a whistle and shoots the pellet straight forward at high speeds using a burst of chakra for propulsion.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin Int
Damage Roll Dice: Seal Sta
Style Recommendation: Chakra Shaping
Mods: Tricky

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