Windmill Style Blades
Windmill Style Blades
Windmill Style Blades
Romaji Unknown
English Windmill Style Blades
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Weapon
Rank D
Class Style
Known Users
Uchiha Berii
Known Techniques
Shadow Shuriken
String Reeling Technique

Windmill Style Blades

A style that revolves around the use of multiple projectile weapons, ranging in shapes and sizes and works off the basics of Uchiha shuriken training. A still developing style created by Uchiha Berii, it focuses on prediction, studying the world and the opponent in order to fire off weapons with deadly accuracy and cunning tricks while using their ability to predict to avoid and counter attack at close range almost always aiming for weak spots. Weapons include, Shuriken, Fuuma Shuriken, Chakrams and the most distinct weapon used would be a large Chakram.

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