Wolf Claw Step
Wolf Claw Step
Romaji Unknown
English Wolf Claw Step
Classification Taijutsu
Type Stealth(Other)
Rank C
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Inuzuka Clan
Inuzuka Tao
Inuzuka Atsuro

Wolf Claw Step(Def)

This defense is really just an extension of the Four-legged Taijutsu style. The stance grants the user the ability to run on all four limbs (even the arms of a human count here). This gives added friction surfaces for pushing off, stopping, and maneuvering. This defense relies mainly on speed as the user is constantly moving as quickly as possible…but strength and agility are also required to change course or come to a sudden stop. All four legs are used to propel the user forward, to the side, or backwards. The claws that are provided with the four-legged stance give additional grip and propulsion. Added chakra off the claws gives even further grip. By moving quickly while low to the ground, the user decreases the chances of their being hit both with speed and with less visible surface area.

This defense rolls Tai + Spd. Learning this defense requires 3 D rank taijutsu and the Four Legged Style.

Wolf Claw Step(Stealth)

By learning how to move quickly you leave less of a trace on the ground. The quick movements allow for better hiding, and you also learn to roll in mud to cover your scent and how to hide more efficiently. You also learn to move without making a sound.

This stealth technique rolls Int + Spd. Learning this technique requires that you have 3 D rank taijutsu, and the Four Legged Style

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