Wound-Sealing Bandages
Wound-Sealing Bandages
Romaji Unknown
English Wound-Sealing Bandages
Classification Taijutsu
Type N/A
Rank C
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Medic-Nin, Kishi Mune

Wound-Sealing Bandages

These special bandages are larger and thicker than normal bandages, and have medications and anesthetics stored inside of them. They are wrapped around a wound tightly, and then a cord is pulled which causes the bandage to seal shut around the injury. Moisture — such as from blood — causes the medicinal contents of the bandage to release into the open wound, eliminating potential infections immediately, and adding enzymes to the blood stream that speed up the healing process. These bandages, while technically useable by anyone, if not applied correctly can cause agitation to an injury or further harm the patient. They do not fix broken bones, or ruptured organs, have no impact on Chakra or Ninjutsu-based ailments, and if they are exposed to moisture before being applied to a patient they are likely to release their medicine immediately, wasting it. On top of this, each Wound-Sealing Bandage is handmade, requiring material components and knowledge of how to make one that only a Medic-Nin of sufficient skill would be privy to.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Heal Roll Dice: Int + Sta
Style Recommendation: Medic Nin
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Medic Jutsu, one of which must be Bandage, and 1 D-Rank Taijutsu.

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