Youkai's Wail
Youkai's Wail
Romaji Yōkai no Nakigoe
English Youkai's Wail
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Blunt
Use Attack
Style Youkai Style
Skill Modifiers Tricky
Skill Creator
Iga, Ryoji
Known Users

Skill Description

One of the signature techniques of the Youkai Style in which the user strikes twice in quick succession. The first strike however is feint designed to draw both the focus of the intended targets defense to an area that will create a momentary blind spot. The second strike, a sweeping blow from either the leg or fist, feeds off the momentum of the first and is driven into the joints of whatever part of the body within that blind spot. This technique relies on perfect timing, speed, and the user capitalizing on the inherent weakness within the intended strike point due a lax amount of physical power behind strike from typically unleashing the true blow from awkward positions.

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