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The Takokujin is a group of Wanderers, Missing-Nin, and sometimes even what appear to be Villagers, who exist in various places throughout the world of Naruto MUSH: Rivalry. The core membership is typically composed of ambitious ninja of one kind or another who happen to believe, for whatever reason, that the structure and control of the Hidden Villages is stifling them, or preventing them from achieving what they want, or getting what they feel they deserve.

They also tend to be rather above-average in terms of the general power levels of most unaffiliated ninja. What the aims of the Takokujin's leadership are is a mystery, and the vast majority of people do not even know the Takokujin exist. Those who do, for the moment at least, are unaware of the scope of their plans, their membership, or their power…

1. Takokujin Information - Who are the Takokujin? What do they want? How can I join? How can I fight them?
2. Takokujin Membership - Serves as an index for both currently active Takokujin member character pages, and those who have either left the Takokujin ICly, or who have vanished into the realms of idle-nukeage.
3. Takokujin-Related RP Logs - An index of RP Logs connected to the Takokujin, either by their being part of the scene, or the scene directly involving the Takokujin, their plans, or the results of their actions. May be duplicated elsewhere under "Standard RP Logs". This is simply for organizing the logs in a way they can be quickly located. A tag should be added to all Takokujin-related logs so that they can be accessed easily.

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