Takokujin Membership

This page is an index of Takokujin members — past and present. To add your character (please do not do this unless you receive official confirmation on the MUSH, after contacting Rain or another leading Takokujin member OOCly) create a character page as normal, via the Character Profiles page, and then type in your character's name in the appropriate section below. Remember to put last name first (even if your character goes by an alias). If you want the link to appear as the alias instead of their real/full name, then simply put in the full name first, preceded by "02characters:" and then add "|(alias)" afterwards.

You may re-title your character page to be your alias instead of your full name, if that is your preference. If, for some reason, your character's full name is to be kept secret OOCly, or there is basically no one who knows of the character's real identity (perhaps even the character him or herself!) then you need not feel restricted to the instructions provided above. For instance, if you are not going to mention the character's full name anywhere on the character page, then you can feel free to just name your character page by whatever alias or secret-identity you will be using most.

Remember: Just because your character's identity is revealed OOCly, here on the NMR Wiki, does NOT mean that people will ICly know your character's true identity, and they can NOT use information here in RP if they did not specifically learn it ICly.

Once you have entered your character's name into the right spot, simply link your character name to your character page, and you're done!

A template or table for better organizing the membership may be added at a future date. For now we will simply use a (crappy looking) list of links!

Current Members:
Damashii Yamato
Iga Ryoji
Kurosawa Yasu
Kusari Shion
Sung Ju-Long

Past Members:
None Yet

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