Code Snippets

Hello everyone who's happening to look this way! After updating the Profile Template a little, the idea came to me to start up a page that would include popular 'code snippets' that could be added to your own existing file if you're not comfortable experimenting yourself. It'll start small, but with your help in the form of requests of what kind of stuff you'd like shown here, things can be added to in the form of examples with little tutorials on how to insert it and make it yours!

On a side note, as a disclaimer, I'm no Wiki Guru so there are some things that I can't do. In the likely event that it does happen, I'll try to find out if it's even possible or how to make it work! So, onwards!

Finally, if you'd like to submit a request for a snippet to be added here. Please mail Widget in game with what you'd like to see added.

#1: New Auto Mission Log Tracker - Widget

#2: New Relationship Data Center - Widget

#3: Picture Reflection Snippet! - Yuuka

#4: Youtube Playlists in your profile - Gizmo

#5: Playlist in your profile! - Gizmo

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