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NOTE: Please read this ALL before doing anything. Thank you~ :D

So, you're wondering just how is it you can get your very own character page setup, right!? Am I right?! I know I'm right. Otherwise why else would you be looking at this page. Unless you're some creepy person stalking me through the intrawebz. Anyways, I'll explain how to go about setting up your very own character page, even giving some tips and stuff to make it stay snazzy! But also, don't fret. If you have further questions, feel free to ask me questions which can be done by hovering your mouse over the Contact Us menu thingy and hitting me, Hibari-sama!! Where it will give you methods in which to contact me if I'm not infact just sitting on the Mu* twiddling my thumbs. >.>

  • So, first and foremost, I bet you're wondering just how to get started?! If you aren't already a Site Member, please hurry up and do so here. First you'll need to become a member of Wikidot, and once that's over you have to go back to the Join page and apply to join the NMR Wiki which will send a little app to us and we will accept you if you're a valid player!
  • Now that you're a member, you're ready to begin phase two! Which is starting your very own character page. How do you do that, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! At the present time, there's a thrifty Add a New Page feature located on this page. All you have to do is punch in your character name. Please follow the format I'll provide. Or I'll flay the skin from your bones. Then click "New Character"!
    • Create A Page Format: <Last Name> <First Name>
  • You'll now find yourself in your character page and you should be already in the editor. If not, just hit Edit on the bottom of the screen to do so. Applying the Character Template has been made easier thanks to Liska, who hooked up the wiki with template options! So just crack open the Template list and select the Character Profile one and it will automatically load in.
  • The code therein might be a little daunting, but worry not! All you have to do is fill in the data where needed. As far as pictures go, please either link it from your own source, or upload it to the files page and then link it from there. See Below For Example*
    • When uploading a file, please do not leave blank spaces. Use -'s for spaces. Otherwise the image may not work properly.
[[= image /files/<image name> size="small"]] or [[= image <url> width OR height="240px"]]

NOTE: Due to wikidot code issues, resizing outside linked images is NOT guaranteed to work. It is recommended you instead upload your image to the wiki and use it that way. If you really want to, use width or height(whichever side is longer).

  • Now the fun part can begin! For the most part, everything is all setup on the template for you. You just need to go in and replace all the default junk with your own information. If there's stuff you'd like to add on your own, feel free. But I think I'd like to request that you not omit anything that's included with the template. I'd consider it the bare minimum. So that just means you can have at it as long as you keep what I gave you.

NOTE: When finished, PLEASE apply tags to your character page. The tag button is shown on the bottom of the screen when you're not in the editor. At minimum, put the following tags: character <village of origin> <shinobi rank>. Feel free to stick more, but this will remove alot of burden from us. XD

  • When you're all done pimping out your page, you'll want to add it to the hive mind so that it doesn't get lost and sent to the orphaned page pile! So hit Save and then it'll reload the page without the edit window. Now head on over to the Character Profiles page and enter the horrific edit window of there. It may look a little daunting at first, but I tried to keep it tidy enough so you can find your way through. Just scroll down until you find the section with your village in it and when you do, locate the table chunks for your proper ranking. For the most part it's all just a bunch of ???'s.
  • What you want to do is snatch up the next available slot, highlight it and then type what you see below as an example!!
Syntax: [[[02characters:<character name>|<character name - or how you'd like the link text>]]]

Example: [[[02characters:Tenjin Hibari|Tenjin Hibari]]]

Once that's all finished, go ahead and save. And you SHOULD be all done. Don't worry if the names aren't in alphabetical order. I'll probably come along and organize it every so often.

And there you have it! Hopefully that got you along smoothly enough that you could easily create, edit and insert your character page into the Wiki without me having to baby you. >:P

— Hibari sama, Chibi Wiki Wizzen

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