Greetings everyone! After a few weeks of hodgepodging this section, I've come up with a moderately good way to organize the image database going on here! And I'm guessing you're here to do a little uploading. So I'll explain how and the naming system I currently have in place. OBEY IT or your picture will be REMOVED. ~_~

  • First off, to upload, you have to have an account and be part of the NMR Wiki Site. See here to do so if you haven't already!
  • Next is how to upload. Once you're logged in at the near bottom of the screen you will see a "File" link. Click that and the entire list of images stored on this page will be listed.


Here's the naming conventions I've come up with. Use them, or there will be maiming.

For Character Pictures:
- Name: Char-Charnamewhatever(IE: Char-GohSmile)

For Jutsu Pictures:
- Name: Jutsu-Jutsuname(IE: Jutsu-Hidden Mist)

- Name: Icon-Whatever(IE: Icon-Sharingan)

For all else:
- Name: Misc-Whatever(IE: Misc-Inuzuka)


  • To upload your images, click the Upload Files button and a little window will pop up and you can go find your picture.
  • You can upload multiple images, and when you're done. Go ahead and upload'em.
  • Once uploaded they will be added to the list(Click Refresh List) and find your images to rename them to the above mentioned conventions. OR ELSE.
  • Now you're free to go link them to your pages and what have you! :)

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